John 11:1-57 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus, the Resurrection and Life
Questions for Study 15

John 11:1-57
Key Verse: 11:25


I. Jesus' Heart's Desire to Plant Faith in His People (1-16)

1. (Review the 7 miraculous signs of this Gospel.) What problem arose in Bethany? What was Jesus' relationship to Lazarus' family? (1-5; 12:3; Luke 10:39,40) What message did they send Jesus? What was its intent?

2. How did Jesus respond to the news? How are his love and viewpoint different from those of others? What can we learn from him?

3. Why didn't Jesus' disciples want to go to Judea? (7-8) What did Jesus say to them? (9,10) What does this mean? How did Jesus view death? (13) Why could he do so?

4. How did Jesus help his disciples? (15) What decision did Thomas make? What was the attitude underlying this decision? What was the problem of the disciple? (16) How is this different from faith?

II. "I am the Resurrection" (17-37)

5. What situation and general atmosphere did Jesus find in Bethany? What confidence did Martha have in Jesus? What shows her disappointment? (Compare Mary's greeting in verse 32.)

6. What promise did Jesus give Martha? (23) What did he teach her about himself? (25, 26) What does this mean practically? (1 Peter 1:3-4)

7. How did Martha respond? What was the difference between her head knowledge of Jesus and her practical life? (21-22, 24, 27, 39)

8. What did Mary say and do when she came to Jesus? (32b) Who was with her? What reveals that she was under the power of death? How did they encourage her grief and unbelief? (31, 36-37)

9. Read verse 33. How did Jesus feel? Why was he so troubled in spirit? Why did he weep?

III. "You Would See the Glory of God" (38-44)

10. What happened at Lazarus' tomb? Why did Jesus rebuke Martha? How could they and we see the glory of God? (4, 40) How and why did Jesus pray? What happened? What was Jesus teaching his disciples and us?

Advanced Study:

The Beautiful Work of Faith (45-57)

1. What were the antithetical results of this miraculous sign? Did the Sanhedrin acknowledge the facts about Jesus' work? What excuse did they give for opposing him? What an we learn?

2. What pronouncement did the high priest make? What was his evil intention? How did God use his words? What can we learn here? What principle concerning God's work can we discern here?

3. After this, where did Jesus and his disciples go? What was the time? Why were people waiting him in Jerusalem? Look at verse 45. What can we learn about the work of faith?