Job 38:1-42:17 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Encounter With The Creator
Questions for Study 10

Job 38:1-42:17
Key Verse: 42:5


I. The LORD Speaks (38:1-3)

1. How does the Lord appear? (38:1) How did Elihu anticipate the Lord appearing this way? (37:21-24) How would have the men on the ash heap in Uz have to respond? Why does God often appear to us indirectly?

2. What is the first question the LORD asked? (38:2-3) Who did he address? (42:3) What does the LORD say Job has done? Since Job had been proclaimed blameless and unique (1:8) what does this say about human nature and our future hope? (1 Cor. 15:42-49)

II. Do You Know the Sources? (38:4-38:21)

3. Review the rhetorical questions in this section? What is the obvious answer to all the questions? Did the Lord answer any of Job's questions? Job's suffering? Why might this be?

4. Job's three friends had said that if God were to appear he would condemn him? Since this did not happen, what does it say about the LORD? (1 Peter 3:9)

5. considering the Lord's questions, was Job's self proclaimed wisdom so great? What does this tell us about the folly of pride that comes from comparing ourselves with those around us? (James 4:10, and 1 Peter 5:6)

III. Do You Know the System? (38:22-38)

6. Is it wrong to know why things happen? What should our attitude be in learning new things?

IV. Do You Appreciate the Specialization? (38:39-39:30)

7. How much of this would Job have known? How much do you know? How should knowledge turn itself into wisdom considering how the LORD is addressing Job? How should they be used? (2 Chron. 1:10)

V. What is your answer to MY Questions, Job? (40:1-42:5)

8. What question does the LORD ask Job? (1-2) How does this answer Job's earlier questions?

9. With what attitude does Job answer the LORD? What is happening to Job? Can you think of other people in the Bible who had changed like this? (John 13, 21)

VI. Restoration (42:6-17)

10. Review the rhetorical questions in this section? What is the obvious answer to all the questions? Does the Lord respond to Job's change of attitude? (42:6-7)

11. How does verses 8-14 refer to one of God's characteristics? What could a behemoth and a leviathan be? How does God use them?

12. What did the LORD say to Job's three friends? How did the LORD say that they would be redeemed? What did the LORD do to the repentant Job?