James 4:1-17 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Submit Yourselves to God
Questions for Study 4

James 4:1-17
Memory Verse: 12


I. Submit Yourselves to God (4:1-12)

1. Is it possible for believers to have disagreements? (Acts 15:39-40) What's the source?

2. What are some common ways that people obtain material possessions? (2) What should be the first thing we do when we want something? What is one reason God will say, "No" to our request? (3) Why is this best for us? (4)

3. What does God desire from us? (5; Luke 20:25)

4. What is grace and why is this greater than all the riches in the world? (6)

5. When we are tempted by material possessions what should we do? (7) How is resisting the devil only part of the solution? (8)

6. How is the reverse logic in verses 9 and 10 true?

7. What does verse 11 mean? Why can judging others be wrong? (12; Rom. 2:1-4)

II. Boasting About Tomorrow (4:13-17)

8. How do most go about looking into the future? (13) What is one reality that most ignore? (14)

9. Since physical life is so fragile, what should we consider about the future? What can be learned from verse 16 about humility?

10. What can be learned about Bible study from verse 17?