Hebrews 3:1-4:13 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Fix Your Thoughts on Jesus
Questions for Study 2

Hebrews 3:1-4:13
Memory Verses: 3:1


I. Fix Your Thoughts on Jesus (3:1-6)

1. What does the author call those who he wrote this for? What did they share in? (1) According to verse 1, What two titles does Jesus have? What did they encourage them to do? Why would confessing Jesus be hard for them? For us?

2. Who appointed Jesus? Was Jesus faithful to that appointing? Who is Jesus compared to? (2) Who is the great between the two? Why?

3. How is Jesus faithful in his duties as a son? Who is the house of God? How can we follow Jesus' example?

II. Today, if you Hear His Voice (3:7-19)

4. What is the background of verses 7-11? (Ref. 16-19) Why are we reminded of the Israelites' past during the time of Moses? What could happen to our hearts? What does this mean?

5. How is sin defined in verse 12? How can sin be deceitful? Consider this in light of Jesus' parable of the seeds on different types of soils. (Matt. 13)

6. How long are we to encourage each other? What is the goal of encouragement? What does verse 14 mean?

III. His Rest (4:1-13)

7. What does the word "Therefore" tell us?

8. What has God promised us through Jesus? Why is this message good news?

9. What should we do when we receive the good news? What would happen to us if we do not do this? What Sabbath-rest is the author referring to?

10. What attributes does the word of God have? How does it apply to this study?