Genesis 13:1-18 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Abram and Lot Sepatate
Questions for Study 9

Genesis 13:1-18
Memory Verses: 13:15


I. Abram Repentance and God's Blessing (1-4)

1. When Abram left Egypt, where did he go? Why? What does this show about him? Who went with him? Why? What had been and continued to happen to Abram? (2) What does this show about God? About God's promise to Abram?

2. Then where did Abram go to? Why do you think he didn't go there right away? What was important to Abram about this location? What did he do there? What does this show about Abram at this time? How do you think he felt?

II. Lot's Choice (5-13)

3. Why did a problem arise between Abram and Lot? What does this problem show about God's blessings? How did the Canaanites and Perizzites complicate the problem?

4. How did Abram propose to solve the problem? What does he reveal about himself in this proposal? How has his attitude toward material things and people changed since he went to Egypt?

5. What did Lot choose? Why? What is significant about "the garden of the LORD and "the land of Egypt"?

6. How did Lot's lifestyle change? What does this move toward Sodom show about him? Did he intend to do this?

III. God's Promise (14-18)

7. After Lot left, why might Abram have been sorry and discouraged?

8. What physical activity did God give him to do? Why was this good?

9. What promise did God give Abram? How is it similar to the promise in 12:2-3? How is it different? What does this teach about God?

10. How did Abram respond to God's promise? What does this show about his faith?