Genesis 3:1-24 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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When God's Love is Doubted
Questions for Study 4

Genesis 3:1-24
Memory Verses: 3:15


I. The Fall of Man (1-13)

1. How is the serpent described in 3:1? In Job 1:6-7, 2:1-2; Zech. 3:1-2; Mark 4:15; Luke 13:16, 22:31; John 8:44; 2 Corinthians 2:11, 11:14; Jude 1:6; 2 Peter 2:4; and Revelation 12:7-9, 20:2,7? Why is it important to know of the truth of Satan?

2. What did the serpent say to the women? (1b, 4, 5) How did he plant doubt in the woman's heart? How did he lie? What did she begin to doubt as she listened to him? Why did he want her to eat the fruit which God had forbidden?

3. What did the women say to the serpent? (3-4) What was her attitude toward God's word and his blessings? What did she think when she looked at the fruit? What was her attitude toward the serpent's words? Why did she eat the fruit? What can we learn here about the root of sin? (Romans 1:20-21)

4. Through the women's failure, what can we learn about overcoming Satan's temptations? (Matthew 4:1-11)

5. What did the women do after her act of disobedience? Was she being a good helper for man? What was the immediate result of their disobedience? (7) Was the serpent's words true? How?

6. How did Adam and Eve react when they heard to Lord coming? (8, 10) What does this reveal about their relationship with God? How did the Lord first deal with them? (9, 11, 13) What does this show us about the Lord? What does Adam's and Eve's conversation in 12-13 reveal about their relationship with each other? What does sin put in men's heart?

II. A World Under Curse (14-19)

7. How did God curse the serpent? What hope for mankind is found here? Why might verse 15 be called the pre-gospel? What can we learn about God's love for mankind?

8. How did God punish the woman? How is her punishment related to her blessing? (1:28)

9. How did God see Adam's sin? (17a) How did God punish him? How did the consequences of man's sin affect all creation? How was Adam's punishment related to his blessing and mission? (1:28)

III. Banished From Eden (20-24)

10. How did God continue to show his love for and care of fallen mankind? Why did God expel them from the garden? What hope remained for man? (Revelation 22:2, 14, 19)