Genesis 2:4-25 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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God Created Adam and Eve
Questions for Study 3

Genesis 2:4-25
Memory Verses: 2:7-8


I. God Creates Adam (2:4-14)

1. What does verse 4 mean and imply? How is the earth described before the creation of man? Why is it described in this way?

2. What does it mean that we are formed from dust? What does it mean to become a living being (refer to Genesis 1:26-27)? Why do you think this is repeated in chapters one and two?

3. How did God provide for man's happiness and needs? (8-14) What does God's provision suggest about his feelings for and understanding of man?

4. What were the special trees in Eden (9)? What does each mean? Why did God put them into the garden?

II. Adam's Bible (15-17)

6. What work did God give man to do in the garden? How does and doesn't this relate to 1:28? What is our mission today? (John 21)

7. What command did God give man? (16-17) What does this teach about God's love and grace to man? His authority? What does God giving man a choice tell us? What would be the consequences of Adam's actions? What does, "You will surely die," mean?

III. God Creates Eve and Establishes the Family (18-25)

8. What was the one thing not good in God's eyes? Who was going to solve the problem? What does this suggest about God's love and understanding? What purpose was woman to be created? (18)

9. What was man's relationship to the animals? (19-20a) What does man naming the animal show about man's stewardship? How did man co-work with God? Was a suitable helper found? (20b)

10. How did God provide a helper for man? (21-22) What does women being caused from the rib tell us?

11. Why was she a suitable helper? (23, 1:27) How did man receive her? (23) What does this mean to us? (Eph. 5:21-33, Col. 3:18-19)

12. What commitment must man make to his helper? (24a) How does God confirm and establish the family? (24b) What does "they will become one flesh" mean? What does verse 25 tell us?