Genesis 20:1-21:34 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Lord Keeps His Promise
Questions for Study 15

Genesis 20:1-21:34
Memory Verses: 21:1


I. Abraham's Bad Habit and God's Faithfulness (20:1-18, 21:22-37)

1. Who was Abimelech and how did Abraham lie to him? Why did Abraham do this? (11-13) When had he done something like this before? What does this reveal about his weakness?

2. How did Abimelech discover the deception? How did he defend himself before God? How did he respond to God's words? In what respect had Abraham misjudge him (11-13)? Why might he think this way about the area?

3. How was this matter finally resolved (14-18)? What does this event show us about God's character?

II. A Second Encounter With Abimelech (21:22-34)

4. Why did Abimelech and Phicol come to Abraham a second time? What does this show about them? What complaint did Abraham have toward him? How has Abraham's basic attitude toward powerful worldly men changed? How was the matter resolved?

5. What does this event reveal about Abraham's growth in faith? What is the significance of Abraham's planting a tree and calling on the name of the LORD? Where did he stay? Why?

III. Isaac and Ishmael (21:1-21)

6. What does Isaac's birth teach about God's timing and God's faithfulness? Why did Abraham name his son Isaac and why did he circumcise him on the eighth day? What does this teach us about Abraham?

7. What was Sarah's words at this time? What does this show us about God's blessing and their faith? What can you learn here?

8. What was the occasion and what was the reason for Sarah's asking Abraham to get rid of Hagar and Ishmael? Describe Abraham's distress? How did God council him in his distress?

9. How did Abraham deal with Hagar and Ishmael? What can we learn here about living a life of faith?

10. How did God promise to bless Ishmael and how did he help them? What does the event teach us about the God of Abraham?