Genesis 18-19 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Lord Visits Abraham
Questions for Study 14

Genesis 18-19
Memory Verses: 18:18-19


I. Three Visitors (18:1-15)

1. How did Abraham show hospitality to the guests? How is Abraham's actions described? What was the content of the meal? How did members of Abraham's household participate in serving the guests? What does this show about his family? About the LORD?

2. What was the message of good news they brought? What was Sarah's response to the good news? Did they want her to overhear? Why?

3. What did the LORD say to Sarah? Why? What did he want her to learn?

II. Abraham Pleads for Sodom (18:16-33)

4. Why did the LORD ask the question in verse 17? Why did the LORD chose Abraham? What is "the way of the LORD"? How is this related to God's promise to Abraham (19)?

5. Is verses 17-19 connected to 20-21? Why? What outcry is the LORD talking about? What did it lead the LORD to do? What would he know by seeing the city? Why did he tell Abraham this?

6. What was Abraham's prayer topic? Why was he so concerned about Sodom? What does this show about him? What does his prayer show about his relationship with the LORD? What does the LORD's response to Abraham's continual plead show about him and how he viewed Abraham?

III. The LORD Destroys Sodom (19:1-38)

7. How did Lot show hospitality to the two angels? How does Lot's hospitality compare to Abraham's? How did the people of Sodom treat Lot and his guests? Were there as many as ten righteous men in the city? (4-5)

8. What can you learn here about Lot's relationship with the people of the city? What does 2 Peter 2:7 say about his life in Sodom?

9. What did God's servants decide to do about Sodom (12-13)? How did Lot respond to the angel's warning and urgent push to leave? Why was it so hard for him to leave? Why did he finally go? Where did he want to go? Why?

10. What happened to Lot's wife? Why? To Sodom and Gomorrah?

11. What was the problem of Lot's daughters? How did they rationalize their sin? What was the tragic fruit of this family? What can you learn from contrasting the faith and lives of Abraham and Lot?