Exodus 7:14-9:35 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The First Seven Plagues
Questions for Study 5

Exodus 7:14-9:35
Memory Verse: 9:30


I. Blood and Frogs (7:14-8:15)

1. Since it seems that Moses was forbidden to enter Pharaoh's presence at this point how did the Lord show him the way to meet him? (14-15)

2. What does this mean that Pharaoh didn't take it to heart? (23-24) Does a hard heart only affect only that person? (24)

3. Why might the next miracle also be linked to the Nile? (7:25-8:6) What is meant by "secret arts"? (7) How was this miracle shown to Pharaoh to be more than magic? (8-11) How does Pharaoh's response when relief came show the heart of sinful man? (12-15; Pro. 30:8-9)

II. Gnats, Flies, and Livestock (8:16-9:7)

4. How was the fourth miracle different than the previous? (16-19)

5. How was the sending of flies different than the previous miracles? (20-24) What was God revealing? How did Pharaoh try to compromise? (25) Why would this be unacceptable and what does it reveal? (26-27)

6. Why did Pharaoh want to keep the Hebrews near Egypt? (28-29) What does Pharaoh's recant show about sinful man? (30-32; James 3:6; John 8:43-47)

7. Why was the next miracle called a plague? (1-7) Notice the escalation of intensity in the miracles. How does this reveal the heart of God? (Rom. 9:22-24) How does the fact that the Israelites were exempt from the latest two miracles foreshadow the future wrath? (Rom. 5:9-11)

III. Boils and Hail (9:8-35)

8. What was the next plague on Egypt but not on Israel? (8-12) How does this foreshadow the coming wrath of God? (Rev. 16:1-2)

9. What can we learn about God from the next plague? (13-19) What can be learned by the two responses of the Egyptians? (20-21; Prov. 1:7) What can be learned by the fact that Israel was again exempt of the wrath of God even though they were in the same land? (22-26)

10. What can be learned about being a servant of God from Moses? (27-35) What was Pharaoh trying to do by continually sinning? (Rom. 1:18-19)