Exodus 17:1-18:27 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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As Long as Moses Help Up His Hands
Questions for Study 11

Exodus 17:1-18:27
Memory Verse: 17:11-12


I. Water From the Rock (17:1-7)

1. How did the Israelites show their unbelief? (17:1-3,7) What was Moses' attitude when he came to God with this problem? (4)

2. How did God reveal himself among them? (5-7) Think about God who granted water from the rock.

II. The Amalekites Defeated (17:8-16)

3. Why did the Israelites engage in the battle? (8) Who was the field commander? (9) What was the importance of the staff of God in Moses' shepherd life? (4:2, 20; 7:8; 8:5; 14:16; 17:6,9)

4. What did Moses do for the victory of God's people? (10-11) How did his co-workers support Moses? (12) What did God tell his people to do after the victory? (14) How did Moses obey God? (15-16)

III. Jethro Visits Moses (18:1-27)

5. Who was Jethro? (1-6) What do you think Jethro's understanding of Moses at the time he left for Egypt? (Ex. 4:18) How did Jethro praise God after he listed to Moses? (7-12)

6. What was the difficulty that Moses had in helping the people? (13-18) How did Jethro counsel Moses? (19-27)

7. Think about God who sent Jethro to Moses at this time.

8. From this passage what do you learn about spiritual leadership?