Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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A Time For Everything Under the Sun
Questions for Study 3

Ecclesiastes 3:1-22
Memory Verse: 11


I. A Time To... (3:1-8)

1. How does Solomon open this section of his book? (1) What is true about all physical life on earth? (2)

2. What reason do people find to do that which is mentioned in verse 3? Do all people experience the extremes of verse 4? What does it mean to scatter and gather stones? (5)

3. Did you ever want to obtain something and then later find it undesirable? When is is good to be silent and to speak? (7) What is worthy of hate and is war ever acceptable? How does this show the paradox of the world ruled by mankind?

II. Eternity in Our Hearts and Yet... (3:9-15)

4. How does Solomon begin this section of his book? (9) What is the first burden on men? Why has God laid these burdens on men? (Genesis 3:17-19)

5. In this fallen world what is the best we can do? (12) Where does even this come from? (13) How then should we set our priorities? (Matt. 22:35-40)

6. Why did God set up everything the way it is? (14) What is sure whether we revere God or not? (15) Who will judge us? (Matthew 7:1-2; John 5:22-23; Acts 10:39-43)

III. From Dust and Return to Dust (3:16-22)

7. What has always plagued man's court systems? (16) Is anyone exempt from judgement? (17) What did Jesus teach about the judgement to come? (Matthew 13:37-43; Romans 2:5-11)

8. Does God test everyone? (18) Why? (Psalm 66:10; James 1:2-4, 12)

9. What happens to all life in this world? (19) Why does man return to dust? (20; Genesis 3:17-19) Is there life after death? (21; Matthew 22:29-32; John 11:25-26)

10. In this world what is the best man can do? Why?