Acts 5:17-6:15 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Apostles' Priorities
Questions for Study 8

Acts 5:17-6:15
Memory Verse: 6:3-4


I. The Second Persecution (5:17-42)

1. Why were the apostles put in prison? (17-18) What did God do for them? (19-20) How did they obey God? (21) When the officers did not find the apostles in the prison, what did they report? (22-23)

2. What was the response of the chief priests? (24) Why were they not able to arrest the apostles? (25-26) What was their charge? (27-28)

3. How did Peter answer? (29) What was their preaching? (30-32) Why did Gamaliel stop them from putting the apostles to death? (33-38) How did his argument prevail? (39)

4. What punishment did the apostles receive? (40-41) What was their attitude toward sufferings? (42)

II. The Apostles' Priorities (6:1-7)

5. What was the problem within the church? (1) Why do you think the apostles were involved in the matter of the distribution of food?

6. How did they resolve this matter? (2) What was their solution to this problem? (3-4) Who were appointed for the job? (5) What were involved in the matter of the distribution of food? (6) What was the effect of their decision? (7)

III. Stephen, a Man Full of the Spirit (6:8-15)

7. Who was Stephen? (8) Why did opposition arise? (9) How did Stephen handle it? (10) What was their plot against Stephen? (11)

8. How did they stir up the people? (12) What was their charge against Stephen? (13-14) How did Stephen show God's grace? (15)