Acts 4:1-31 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Salvation is Found in No One Else
Questions for Study 6

Acts 4:1-31
Memory Verse: 12


I. Salvation is Found in No One Else (1-12)

1. Who came to Peter and John? (1: 5:17) Why were they disturbed? (2) What did they do to Peter and John? (3)

2. What was the response to their messages? (4) What kind of meeting was held on the following day? (5) Who attended the meeting? (6) What was their main question? (7)

3. What was Peter's response? (8-9; Luke. 21:12-14) What was his message to the members of the Sanhedrin? (10-11; Psa. 118:22-23) What was his conclusion? (12; John 14:6; Phil. 2:6-12)

I. Shall We Obey Men Rather Than God? (13-22)

4. What made them astonished? (13) What was their dilemma? (14-16) What was their solution? (17-18) How could Luke have known about their discussion? (Acts 22:3)

5. What was Peter and John's response? (19-20) What does the Bible teach about obedience to the visible authorities? (Rom. 13:1, Heb. 13:17) When and how does a Christian obey God rather than man? (John 18:37, Mat. 5:10-11) What further actions did the members take? (21-22)

III. The Believers' Prayer (23-31)

6. Upon their release, what did Peter and John do? (23) What was the response of the church? (24)

7. What was the contents of their prayer? (25-30) What happened after the prayer? (31)