Acts 3:1-26 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Walk
Questions for Study 5

Acts 3:1-26
Memory Verse: 6


I. Peter Heals a Crippled Beggar (1-10)

1. Where are John and Peter going? (1) How are they different from the way they were in the gospel times? (Luke. 22:24; Mark. 14:39-40)

2. Describe the condition of the crippled beggar. (2) What does he want from Peter and John? (3)

3. What does Peter do to help him? (4) What does the man expect Peter to do? (5)

4. What do Peter's words teach us about his faith? (6; Mark. 11:23-24) What happens to the person? (7-8) What is the response of the people? (9-10)

II. Peter's Second Sermon (11-26)

5. To whom does Peter direct the people? (11-12) What did God do for Jesus? (13) What did the people do to Jesus? (14-15) What made the man whole? (16)

6. What does Peter say about their sin? (17) What does Peter teach about God in verse 18?

7. What does Peter urge them to do? (19a) Why? (Luke. 13:1-5) What is its benefit? (19b)

8. Who is Jesus? (21-21) Who is Jesus according to Moses' prophecy? (22-23) According to all the prophets? (24)

9. What is God's promise for all people through Jesus? (25-26; Gen. 12:2-4)