Acts 2:37-47 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Brothers, What Shall We Do?
Questions for Study 4

Acts 2:37-47
Memory Verse: 37


I. Brothers, What Shall We Do? (37-41)

1. What is the response of the people? (37; 16:30) Why is their question important?

2. What is Peter's counsel for them (38) and what are God's promises for the repentant? (39)

3. In what ways does Peter help the people who are convicted with the Word of God? (40) How is a greater Christian community formed? (41)

II. The Fellowship of the Believers (42-47)

4. What are the three main activities of the early Christians? (42) What is their attitude toward God's mighty work among them? (43)

5. How do they handle material matters among them? (44) Inn what sense did they go far beyond God's commands in the Old Testament? (Exodus 23:14-15; Malachi 3:8-12; Deut. 15:1-11) Is handling materials properly a spiritual matter? (Mat. 6:24; Luke. 16:10-15)

6. What is their distinct lifestyle? (46) What are the fruits of their devoted life? (47a) How does God bless their life of devotion to God and to one another? (47b)