Acts 24:1-26:32 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Sanctified by Faith
Questions for Study 27

Acts 24:1-26:32
Memory Verse: 26:18


I. There is a Resurrection (24:1-27)

1. What had happened five days before this? How do you think the high priest felt about this situation? Why would the high priest bring a lawyer? (1) How does the beginning of this case stand in contrast to the previous trial? (2-9; 23:1-10) What was truthful, misinformation, and lies in their statements? What does this say about the people of the world?

2. Why would Paul's opening statement be important to his case? (10) What did he say in response to the charges made against him? (11-13)

3. Who did Paul say he worshiped? Why would this be important to his case? Why would he call out that they called the Way a sect? What did Paul believe about the Law and the Prophets? Why did Paul live by faith? (15-16) what can we learn from Paul's personal profession of faith?

4. What was the reason Paul told Felix he had gone to Jerusalem and the temple? (17-18) Who as missing from court? (19) What was missing from the case against him? (20-21) Was there anything false in Paul's statement? (Matt. 10:17-20) Does this perhaps give us some understanding as to why the Lord put Gentile nations over Israel at this time? What danger can religion without God be for mankind? (Phil. 3:2-4, Rev. 22:15)

5. After Paul finished his defense, what did Felix do? (22-23) What was the main subjects of Paul's gospel message? Did Felix believe even though he was afraid? What kept him from believing? (26-27) What can we learn from this? (Rom. 10:8-21)

II. Jesus, A Dead Man who Paul Claimed was Alive (25:1-27)

6. How was the Jew's death plot against Paul spoiled? (1-5) What problem did the Jew's case against Paul still have? (6-8) After two years why hadn't they been able to change their defense strategy? (24:27; 25:3,9; Mark 15:15)

7. What legal truth did Paul remind Festus? (10-11) Why couldn't Festus do what he wanted to do? (12)

8. What changes did Festus make to his recount of events? (13-21) What one thing was make clear to Festus? (19) What problem did Festus hope King Agrippa could help him with? (23-27)

III. Sanctified by Faith in Me (26:1-32)

8. How did Paul open his message? (1-3) Why? (25-27) What is the hope Of Israel? (4-8)

9. What sins did Paul publicly confess? (9-11)

10. What is stated here that wasn't stated in the earlier accounts of Jesus' visit to Paul? (12-14; 9:4; 22:7) What is it hard to kick against the goads?

11. What did Jesus tell Paul? (15-18) What wonderful message of hope did Paul preach everywhere he went? (19-23) What does this tell us about what we can easily tell others? What was Paul prayer topic?