Acts 15:1-35 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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After This I will Return and Rebuild's David's Fallen Tent
Questions for Study 17

Acts 15:1-35
Memory Verse: 16


I. The Disagreement (1-4)

1. Who would come down from Jerusalem and teach about the need to be circumcised? Where would they get this idea? (Gen. 17:9-14) What covenant was God talking about in Genesis and at what time in Abraham's life did he give it? Is this or at least this type of thing still an issue today? Why or why not?

2. Who disagreed with the men from Jerusalem? What was decided? What did they do on their way and at Jerusalem? What was the response to the news?

II. Peter's and James' Insight (5-21)

3. What happened during Paul's report? (5) What incident was Peter referring to in verses 6-9? (10:1-11:18) How did Peter describe the Messianic Pharisees' demands? (10)

4. How is a person saved? (11) What does this mean about what God considers righteous? (Rom. 2:17-29, 3:21-31, 4:9-12, and 1 Cor. 7:18, Gal. 6:12-13) What fact did Paul and Barnabas add to Peter's history lesson? (12)

5. How did James describe the Gentile believers? (13-14)

6. How did David's tent fall? What does this have to do with Gentile believers? Think about what happened during and after David's son, Solomon's reign. How is Jesus, the son of David key to rebuilding David's fallen tent?

7. What was James' conclusion? (19-20) What do you think he meant by bringing up the fact that Moses is read in every synagogue? (21)

III. The Return to Antioch (22-35)

8. Why was it so important for elders to be sent with Paul and Barnabas? What is significant about calling the Gentile believers brothers? (23)

9. What did the apostles have to say about the men who started the disagreement even though there was some still in Jerusalem? How did the apostles acknowledge Paul and Barnabas?

10. What are the only restrictions placed on the new Gentile believers? Why only these? What was the response? What does this say about the freedom of life when we live by the Holy Spirit's leading?