Acts 12:1-25 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Peter's Miraculous Excape From Prision
Questions for Study 14

Acts 12:1-25
Memory Verse: 11


I. Wrap Your Cloak Around You and Follow Me (1-18)

1. What did Herod do and what was his plans? (1) What happened to James? (2) why was Herod doing this? Who did he arrest next? (3a)

2. What day was it? (3b) What is the original meaning of these days? (Ex 12:7-8, 14-17, Lev. 23:1-7) How did Jesus fulfill the meaning behind the Feasts? (Jn 1:29; 1 Cor. 5:8; Jn 6:35, 50; 1 Pet. 2:21-24) What do you think Peter was doing? What happened to Peter? What was the church doing? (5)

3. What was Peter's condition in jail? (6) Who appeared in the jail and what did he say? (7-8) How did Peter respond and what did he think of the whole thing? Why do you think he reacted this way? (Acts 10) What can we learn about how God delivers his people from trouble, persecution, and hardships?

4. What did Peter realize after the angel disappeared? How do you think he felt? What did he do? What was the church's response? Why do you think they responded this way? How did the soldiers respond (18)

II. The Word of God Continued to Increase and Spread (19-25)

5. What was Herod's response? What kind of man was he? What does his reaction to the church tell us of Satan's work?

6. What happened to Herod?

7. What was God doing during t his whole time? Why does God allow these persecution happen to Jesus' believers?