2 Timothy 2:14-26 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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A Workman Approved by God
Questions for Study 3

2 Timothy 2:14-26
Memory Verse: 15


I. Do Your Best (14-19)

1. Who should Timothy keep reminding of Paul's teachings? Why shouldn't they become involved in quarreling about words and in the prevailing controversies?

2. What must gospel workers present in a straightforward manner to ungodly people? How should they be prepared for it and what do they have to do for that? Who is the workman approved by God? And the one who needs to be ashamed? When does the ultimate approval of God come to a good workman of God?

3. Why should a workman of God avoid godless chatter? Why is it so harmful to God's ministry? Why do you think Paul singled out the names of the two men as bad examples? (1 Timothy 1:20)

4. How can some people who confess the name of the Lord go astray and undermine even the survival of the Christian community?

II. Pursue Righteousness, Peace and Love (20-26)

5. How does the illustration of many articles in various quality in a large house give insight to the different quality among Christians in the Church? How can one become an instrument for noble purposes, a workman useful to the master? What makes Christians different in their spiritual quality?

6. What is the spiritual defilement that even a workman of God is easily subject to? How should he deal with this problem? How can a workman of God pursue spiritual qualities?

7. Why shouldn't God's servants be entangled with foolish arguments? Why is it so easy for one to be so? How should God's servants deal with those who oppose him? Why?