2 Timothy 2:1-13 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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A Good Soldier of Christ Jesus
Questions for Study 2

2 Timothy 2:1-13
Memory Verse: 3


I. Entrust the Gospel to Reliable Men (1-2)

1. How can God's servants be strong and powerful? What is the grace that is in Christ Jesus? (1:9; and 1 Tim. 1:15-16; Rom. 5:8; Matt. 11:28) What does it mean by becoming strong in the grace that is in Jesus? What does Paul refer to when he says, "the things you heard me say in the presence of many witnesses."?

2. What does it mean to entrust the gospel and God's word to reliable men? How can we do this?

3. Who are reliable men? Why is it necessary for Timothy to choose reliable men rather than able, smart, or good-looking men?

II. Endure Hardships Like a Good Soldier of Christ Jesus (3-7)

4. In what way can a gospel servant be compared to a soldier? What are the characteristics of a good soldier? How do the necessary qualities of a good gospel servant liken to those of a good soldier?

5. Why is it necessary for a good soldier of Christ to overcome the desire to be involved in civilian affairs? In what way is Jesus our commanding officer? How can the gospel servants please their commanding officer Jesus?

6. In what way can the life of faith be compared to the competition of a athlete? How can a spiritual athlete win the victor's crown?

7. In what way can the life of faith be compared to a hard working farmer?

III. If we Die with Him (8-13)

8. Why is it important for God's servants to remember Jesus and his suffering? What are the key points in the gospel Paul preaches, the gospel for which he suffers?

9. Why does he say that God's word is not chained? What does it mean to him and to us? Why is Paul willing to endure everything for the sake of the gospel? What is the gospel principle in the hymn Paul quotes in verses 11-13? How does this hymn best represents Paul's gospel faith and the secret by which he could endure all his sufferings?