1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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May God Keep You Blameless and Holy
Questions for Study 2

1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13
Memory Verse: 3:13


I. We Wanted to Come From You (2:17-3:5)

1. How was Paul, Silas, and Timothy torn away from Thessalonica? (17; Acts 17:5-10) Why might Paul want to return to them? How harsh was Satan's efforts and why did God allow this? (3:1) What does Paul mean when he says that they are his glory and what can we learn? (19-20; Mark 8:38)

2. What are all true believers destine for in this life? (2-4) Since Paul was prevented from going to them, what did he do instead? What was Paul afraid of? What does this mean to us? (Mark 4:16-19)

II. Your Faith and Love (3:6-10)

3. What two things was evidence that the Thessalonians remained in Jesus? (6) How did they remember the people who told them about the gospel? How did the good news about the Thessalonians' faith and love affect the gospel workers? (7)

4. What does verse 8 mean and show about faith in Jesus? What does the fact that messengers thanked God show who they gave all the credit to? (9) How should gospel messengers follow up on their initial preaching? (10) What might be lacking in their faith?

III. May God Keep You Blameless and Holy (3:11-13)

5. Considering the titles of God and Jesus in verse 11, what can we learn about them? Who did Paul acknowledge controlled his life and actions? Why did God do it in the way he did? What can we learn about our own lives?

6. What did Paul pray for in verse 12? Considering the make up of the congregation in Thessalonica, why might mutual love be difficult? (Acts 17:1-4) Considering what many in their city did to them, why might love "for everyone else" be difficult? How can you apply this kind of love in your life?

7. What was his prayer topic in verse 13? What does it mean "strengthen your hearts"? Why pray for this?

8. When will we stand in the presence of our God? How are me made blameless and holy? Considering the nature of the Kingdom of Heaven, why is the absolutely needed?

9. Who are Jesus' holy ones?