1 Samuel 17:1-58 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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David and Goliath
Questions for Study 8

1 Samuel 17:1-58
Key Verse: 45


I. Goliath's Challenge (1-11)

1. How were the armies arranged? (1-3) Who came out of the Philistines camp? (4a) Describe his size and armor. (4b-7)

2. What was Goliath's challenge Israel? (8-10) How long did he continue to do this? (16) How did his challenge affect the Israelites? (11; Mark 4:40) What are some "Goliath" we encounter?

II. David Challenges Goliath (12-40)

3. Who was David and what two jobs did he have? (12-15) How was it that David came to the battle lines? (17-22) Contrast David's response and the Israelites when they heard Goliath's challenge. (23-27)

4. What do you think made David view the situation differently and gave him courage? Think about David's concern for the honor of God and his anger against Goliath who had defied God's people.

5. Why do you think Eliab, David's brother, was upset? (28-30) Did Eliab's unkind words discourage him? How was David brought to Saul? (31) What did he say to Saul? (32)

6. Why did Saul object to David's offer? (33) In order to convince Saul, what did David tell Saul? (34-35) What faith in God did David have that Saul nor anyone else in Israel had? (36-37)

7. Why did David not wear Saul's armor? (38-39) What did he take instead? (40) Why would Saul want David to be like him and why could David not? How can this be applied to your life of faith? (1 Cor. 12:18-20)

III. David's Victory (41-58)

8. Why did Goliath despise David? (41-44) On what did Goliath depend? (45a) On wht did David depend? (45b) What confidence did he have in God? (46)

9. According to verse 47, why would God give David the victory? What is the significance of the truth that 'The battle is the LORD's?

10. Describe the fall of Goliath and David's victory. (48-51a) What happened after David cut off Goliath's head? (51b-58) How can you defeat your "Goliath"?