1 Kings 9:1-10:29 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Queen of Sheba
Questions for Study 8

1 Kings 9:1-10:29
Memory Verse: 27


I. The Lord Appears to Solomon (9:1-9)

1. After finishing his construction projects what did the Lord do? (1-2) What did he tell him about the temple? (3) How is Jesus' promise to us similar? (John 14:20-23)

2. What is integrity of heart and uprightness and what do they bring? (4-5) What happens when people reject God and his promises? (6-7) What is the Lord sure to make known to the nations if his people reject him? (8-9) Is this true to this day? (Matt. 13:40-43, 47-50, 22:11-14, 24:48-51, 25:28-30)

II. Solomon's Neighbors and Wife (9:10-28)

3. What did Hiram supply Solomon? (10-11) What did Solomon give Hiram? (12-14) Was this a good thing? (Luke 6:38; Matt. 6:3-4)

4. What is conscripted labor? (15) What would this eventually lead to? (1 Kings 12:12-15) What did he make them do? (16-19, 24, 26-28)

5. What were the Israelites? (22-23) What would this eventually lead to? (1 Kings 12:12-15) Who was Solomon's wife? (24) What was he sure to do? (25)

III. The Queen of Sheba (10:1-13)

6. Who was the queen of Sheba and what compelled her to visit Solomon? (1-2) How did Solomon receive her? (3) What did she discover? (4-5)

7. How did she describe a country lead by wisdom given by the Lord? (6-8) Who did she praise? (9) Why might she give a gift to Solomon? (10-12) How did he respond in kind? (13)

IV. Solomon's Riches and Wisdom (10:14-29)

8. How did the Lord bless Solomon when he sought to obey the Lord and worship him? (14-15) What did Jesus have to say about this? (Matt. 6:25-34)

9. Review all that Solomon had and did as recorded in verses 16-19. What stand out?