1 Corinthians 5:1-6:20 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Washed, Sanctified, and Justified in Jesus
Questions for Study 4

1 Corinthians 5:1-6:20
Memory Verse: 24


I. Discipline an Immoral Believer (5:1-13)

1. What immorality was a member of the Corinthian congregation committing? (1) Why might the congregation be proud in letting this man be a member of their congregation? (2) What should have they done instead?

2. What does Paul mean by writing he is with them in spirit? (3-4) What does he mean that he has passed judgment on the man? What is meant by "the power of our Lord Jesus is present"? What kind of assembly were they to enact the judgement on the man? Why might they be tempted to do this in a secret closed meeting? What is handing someone over to Satan? (5)

3. What is yeast compared to? (6-8; Luke 12:1-3) If someone were to be continually committing a sin and talking about it among the congregation, what effect would it have? What Festival contains a sacrifices lamb and what kind of bread was to be eaten after it? (Lev. 23:4-8) What does the bread without yeast represent?

4. What kind of proclaimed believer are we to not associate with? (9, 11; Acts 15:28-29) Does this refer to an unbeliever? (10) Why is this so? (12-13)

II. Law Suites Before Non-Believers (6:1-11)

5. What was another problem among the Corinthian congregation? (1, 6) Who are the saints? (2-3) When will they judge the world and the angels?

6. How does the problems in the Corinthian churches indicated a deeper problem? (7-8) What kind of term is "defeated"?

7. What is the kingdom of God and who will not inherit it? (9a) How is a kingdom inherited? What actions do with wicked commit? (9b-10)

8. Should wicked actions be in our past? (11) How were we cleansed of our past sins and lives? Should someone who has put their faith in Jesus get themselves dirty again? If we are defeated and sin what should a believer do? (John 13:10; Gal. 6:1-2)

III. Sexual Immorality (6:12-20)

9. If the statement "Everything is permissible for me" what two things did the Corinthians forget? (12) Who are we to remember in everything we do? (13)

10. With what body was Jesus raised from the dead with and how will we follow him? (14; Matt. 22:29-30; Luke 20:34-36) With whom are believers united spiritually and could be united physically? (16-17) What then should we do? (18) As a congregation makes a church hospitable, shouldn't all the more we not take care of our physical bodies? (19-20)