1 Corinthians 4:6-21 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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A Wrong Concept of a Christian
Questions for Study 3

1 Corinthians 4:6-21
Memory Verse: 24


I. At the End of the Procession (4:6-13)

1. What does it mean "Do not go beyond what is written" and how does it apply to Bible study? How did their practice of this lead them to take pride in a man?

2. Why isn't there any room to boast about yourself or anyone else? (7)

3. What is the common misconception about what people want, especially riches? (8a) What are true riches? (19-21) What does Paul mean by bringing up being kings? (8b, 6:2-3; Matt.19:28-30; Rev. 17:14)

4. Who is normally at the end of processions (parades)? Why was Paul comparing apostles to the Corinthian Christians? (10) What was the human state of the apostles? (11) Why would God allow this to happen to his loved ones?

II. The Kingdom of God is a Matter of Power (4:14-21)

5. Why was Paul warning them? (14-15) Considering the life Paul just described an apostle led, why is his exhortation to imitate him hard? How is this the same as Jesus' life while on this world?

6. Who did Paul send to them and why? What does "life in Christ Jesus" tell us? How can and should we be an example to others?

7. What does arrogant mean? (18) How can a Christian become arrogant? How can we avoid becoming arrogant?

8. What did Paul say his intentions were? What did he qualify his plans with? What two things was he going to find out?

9. What kind of power is in the kingdom of God? (20)

10. What was Paul willing to do with those he not only lead to Christ, but also taught for a year? (21) Under what circumstances was Paul willing to use his authority?