1 Corinthians 2:6-4:5 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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A Wrong Concept of Christian Leaders
Questions for Study 2

1 Corinthians 2:6-4:5
Memory Verse: 24


I. Wisdom From the Spirit (2:6-16)

1. Who is the Lord and glory and what wisdom did he display that is in regard to true believers future glory? (6-8) To whom has God's secret wisdom been revealed? (9-10) How is it that we have come to know it? (11-12)

2. How did Paul come to know God's secret wisdom? (13) Why even though an unbeliever is told the truth does he not understand and accept it? (14) What can true believers learn about themselves in verses 15 and 16?

II. Who We Follow and What We Do (3:1-15)

3. What stage of spiritual life were the Corinthian Christians at? (3:1) What kind of Bible study did they still need? (2) What's a characteristic of an infant in Christ? (3-4)

4. Why is paying to much honor and praise to others wrong? (5) Can any man make us grow spiritually? (6-7, 9) Why then should a man be honored? How then should God's servants expect to be rewarded? (8; Matt. 16:27)

5. To what is our new life of faith compared to? (10) What is the foundation that all rest and relies on? (11) What is the Christian acts we do compared to? (12)

6. To what day will all Christians actions be examined? (13; Eph. 6:8; Col. 3:24-25; and 2 John 1:8; Rev. 11:18, 22:12)

III. Temples of God (3:16-4:5)

7. After talking about buildings what does Paul equate each Christian to? (16) Considering all this talk about buildings, what does verse 17 mean?

8. What does verse 18-19 mean to you especially considering what Paul wrote about wisdom in 1:21? How does this explain why they were arguing about following Christian leaders? (21) How does this understanding make unity in Christ paramount? (22-23)

9. What did it mean to be a servant in the Roman empire? (1) How does that equate to a proper view of self and others in Christ? Who is our master and what has he entrusted us with? (2; Matt. 25:14)

10. Whose judgment should matter to us? (3-4) When he judges us, what will he look at? (5) How should this mold our decisions and actions?